Like If You Love Somebody

Many of you that read my blog already know that I’m a Partner/Creative Director at a social media marketing agency, specifically for dentists and orthodontists called My Social Practice. A couple months ago we decided to add a new service and named it “The Daily Kickstart Post”.


The Dove Logo

I went to Costco this week and decided that I would buy a Dove giganto-sized shampoo to match my previously bought Dove body wash. This is not because I am brand loyal to Dove by any means, but rather I wanted to have a matching brand combo… I know… I’m strange. I justify it by saying that I’m a designer.

While half-asleep in the shower this morning I made a discovery: Dove had placed different logos on my two products. If you look closely you can tell the difference in the typography.

Facebook Studio

If you ever need to take your brain on a jog through creative Facebook ideas, go here. It’s one of my favorites. Agencies are continually coming up with new ways to use Facebook, and this site is a collection of some of the best.

First Impressions on Brandmarks from a 5-year-old

We can learn a lot from a  5-year-old. Her simple responses demonstrate two ways a brandmark is viewed: