The Dove Logo

I went to Costco this week and decided that I would buy a Dove giganto-sized shampoo to match my previously bought Dove body wash. This is not because I am brand loyal to Dove by any means, but rather I wanted to have a matching brand combo… I know… I’m strange. I justify it by saying that I’m a designer.

While half-asleep in the shower this morning I made a discovery: Dove had placed different logos on my two products. If you look closely you can tell the difference in the typography.

Now, this wasn’t much of a surprise to me since often brands will do this for their different product lines, BUT I was curious to why Dove felt they needed to change the body wash logo from the hair care logo. Wouldn’t the same font treatment work for both? Why did they feel the need for such a slight change? I decided to investigate a little and here are the different logos I found for their current product-lines:

Can you see the small differences? There was also a different logo on their website that I couldn’t find anywhere else. It seemed to be a combination of all the other logos.

After more examination I can see the reasoning for the differences. The Men+Care line looks more masculine with its sharper tails. The hair care logo feels more elegant and high end — the feel you might have in a salon. And the body care feels soft, light, and slightly feminine.

What do you think? Do the differences justify themselves or does it just seem inconsistent?

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